26 Publications in 2017-2018: Why Wait to Follow Your Passion?


I have always loved reading.  My introduction to the field of medicine was a combination of Bring Your Daughter to Work Day with my amazing nurse practitioner mother and reading a series of books about sick children and realizing I wanted to learn enough to help people like the characters.  As a kid, once I graduated from Barbie dolls, I would ask my father to take me to the book store on report card day, so I could pick out a bunch of books.  Things haven’t changed much.  There is always a book (or two or three…but now mostly from the library) on my bedside bookshelf, and it’s usually fiction.

Writing has been a longtime love, coming easy to me as long as I have an engaging topic or clear direction.  About one year ago, I was  in a yoga class when our instructor said “What are you waiting for? Why not now?” She encouraged us to pursue anything we were thinking about, as opposed to waiting for the “perfect” time.  I had been thinking about writing medical thought pieces for a few years, loving the books and NY Times opinion-editorials (“op-eds”) by Dr. Atul Gawande and Dr. Danielle Ofri.  This little moment of clarity during down dog was the kinetic energy I needed to start typing and submitting.  After all, I already had a bunch of things partially written, just collecting dust in my Google docs.  The time was now.

My first medidal opinion publication was in 2017.  2018 has been a banner year for me. I have written for KevinMD (a healthcare social media blog), op-ed pieces for The Buffalo News, pieces for Doximity (a closed social network for physicians and other advanced practice providers), and started a blog called The Pensive Physician (this is my eleventh post).  I was invited to apply for, and was accepted into, the Doximity author’s program, which involves a monthly article for the 2018-2019 year.  This has encouraged me to write regularly and I am thankful for this opportunity.  I love writing about the experience of being a physician, a physician mother, and the things I have learned from my patients.  There are so many topics that I am passionate about: advancing women in medicine, the gender pay gap and increasing women in medical leadership. As for future plans? I aspire to one day write for the NY Times or other national news outlets.

I think often of my feelings when I ran my first race.  Now I run half marathons yearly but when preparing for my first adult 5K, my sole goal was to beat the ambulance, and ideally to have a few people behind me.  A successful and smart professional friend came up at a fundraiser recently to tell me she liked my blog posts; this was pretty awesome.  Whether there are fifty or fifty thousand people reading my writing, I hope to continue to make connections, disseminate information and have at least a few people behind me.


2017-2018 Writing: What a Feat! 26 Medical Opinion Publications

November 8, 2017-KevinMD

This doctor isn’t burned out. Here’s her advice.

December 3, 2017-The Pensive Physician Blog

2018: Be strong

January 4, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

2017: The Year of the Podcast

January 17, 2018-The Buffalo News

Another Voice: Vaccinate children against influenza

January 26, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

When Medical Students Multiply (and why you want them to)

February 2, 2018-Doximity

A Modest Proposal for National Women Physicians Day

February 12, 2018-Kevin MD

This doctor doesn’t go to patients’ memorial services

March 7, 2018-Kevin MD

Commit to a conversation about the gender pay gap

March 21, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Reading books, reading people

March 30, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

How we all should eat for a healthful life

April 24, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Why you should get Shingrix, the new more effective shingles vaccine

May 8, 2018

Another Voice: Buffalo schools should keep their trusted nurses

May 17, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Summer Safety Tips from Doctor Mom

June 1, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Informally Treating Family, Friends and Neighbors: to Prescribe or not to Prescribe

June 27, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Driving in the car with your kids? Listen to a children’s podcast!

July 2, 2018-Doximity

It’s July, You’re an Attending

August 7,2018-Doximity

Where Are All the Women?

August 17, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Giving a few extra minutes: Listening matters

September 3, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

(Doctor) Moms: Piece Together Moments for Yourself

September 6, 2018-Doximity

It’s Never Just About the Vaccines

October 1, 2018-Doximity

The Single Biggest Mistake I Made in Training Was Facing It Alone

October 7, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Things this doctor has been dying to talk about: the New Car Seat Recommendations

November 1, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

Are flu shots your thing?

November 7, 2018-Doximity

Private Practice: Call the Coroner or Throw Up Your Shingle?

November 15, 2018-The Pensive Physician Blog

“Simply get moving”: Making EXERCISE a regular habit was one of the best decisions I have ever made

November 28, 2018-Doximity

Primary Care Physicians Are of Primary Importance


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this post! I write a weekly blog called the Relentless School Nurse. My inaugural post was in July 2017 and I faithfully publish every Thursday morning. Here is a link to my site: https://relentlessschoolnurse.com/
    Congratulations to you! Writing is both a form of activism and intense vulnerability!

    I read this wonderful quote today: Writing, to me, has always been the duty of anyone in proximity to culture. We all have opinions and they are all worth recording. – Kimberly Drew. It is my inspiration for next week’s blog!


    1. Thank you for your comments. Writing = advocacy and activism for sure. Thank you for the link. I will check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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