Driving in the car with your kids? Listen to a children’s podcast!


I LOVE PODCASTS.  Podcasts are like pre-recorded radio interviews and they’re free!  On an iPhone, just open the purple “apple podcasts” icon on your home screen, search for the podcast you want, attach your charger into the car USB and boom, you are listening to a podcast as you commute.  For pure entertainment, I think it is a better way to pass the time than just music.   And when driving in the car with your kids, it  is a great way to learn new things together as a family.  Here are the top three favorites, all kid approved.

(1) Story pirates

My kids went through at least a year long Story Pirates phase. The motto of this show is “Kids write stories. We act them out.”  Kids write a short page long story and a bunch of adults, who I’m guessing must have been very into theater as college kids, act it out.  It is funny and there is music.  We laugh a lot.  Even better, for those planning a family trip to NYC, they do live performances in Manhattan.

(2) Brains on!

This is “a science podcast for curious kids.” The pediatrician in me loves this engaging podcast that is rich with science and history.  Kids send in questions such as “How does a refrigerator keep things cold?” and they’ll do a whole podcast discussing the science behind it.  One of our favorite parts is the “mystery sound.” Kids can submit a recording of bubbles in a fish tank or the sounds made when chopping an onion. We love to replay it and then pause to share our ideas of what it is.  Stay tuned as my six year old just submitted her first mystery sound yesterday!

(3) Smash Boom Best

This podcast was recently put out by the team behind Brains on!  Some of our favorite episodes of Brains on! were the matchup episodes like owls versus bats or dolphins versus octopus (I came away totally amazed by the octopus).  Now they have an entire show dedicated to match ups.  We recently loved tacos versus pizza (although we thought tacos won for sure!) and castles versus caves.  The debates are fun to listen to and full of facts.

Podcasts are a great way for kids to exercise their brains while sitting in the car. Happy summer, happy commuting and happy podcasting!

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