2017: The Year of the Podcast

I am probably late to the game but this year, I have gotten really into podcasts. Nowadays, I am always listening to one in my car.   I have a thirty minute commute to work and podcasts allow me to both feel productive and also arrive with a (mostly) positive attitude.

What do I love about podcasts? They are a great source of knowledge, a throw back to the traditional lecture style that for good or for bad dominated my med school experience.  If you are an auditory learner like me, this method of learning is for you.  It’s also a great way to fill the silence when doing mindless things like laundry, making kids’ lunches and putting away dishes.   For those of us who practice outside of the hospital or in a smaller group setting, I imagine podcasts as a substitute for the sometimes enlightening conversations I used to have on rounds or around the table in the doctor’s cafeteria.  They provide a great way to stay up to date on current medical knowledge and to challenge your views on a topic.  Even better, most of the doctors who produce these podcasts are also on twitter which enhances the feeling of engagement as the conversations continue online.  There are so many good ones but I’d like to list my top favorites at this time.

  1. The Curbsiders. It all started here.  I am not exactly sure how I stumbled across this refreshing internal medicine educational podcast. Most likely it was recommended by another physician mother. Each episode is like a really great interactive grand rounds…but with some funny banter embedded between talking points. I am currently listening to their most recent episode, #76.  Some great basics on asthma, dizziness and kidney disease. My personal favorites were interviews on social media and medical writing with Dr. Kevin Pho and the episodes on health care policy. I would love to see an episode dedicated to practice management and how to successfully run an outpatient private practice, which isn’t a surprise if you read my last blog post. The business of medicine is not well covered in our medical school and residency curriculum.
  2. Feminem. This is my new favorite and I have been binging. To the point where today at the gym, when I clicked on apple podcasts, I got a message saying “You’re all caught up!”   Which to be fair is not that hard as it started a month or two ago.  Feminem is an organization of women working in emergency medicine that is focused on empowering all women in medicine. There is a website with blog posts, a twitter handle to follow and even an annual conference, which inspired by all the amazing women presenters on the podcast, I am dying to attend.  After all, my career in medicine did start at bring your daughter to work day in the ER (with my emergency nurse practitioner mother). As such, ER docs often feel like my adopted tribe.  What an inspiring podcast.  After listening to it, I want to attend FIXE 2018, order a sparkly gold “feminism” tee shirt to do yoga in, and challenge everyone to practice salary transparency to help close the pay gap.  Can’t wait to hear more!
  3. Incident Report with ZDOGGMD-this recap of recent medical news is by far the most amusing medical podcast I have listened to.  His discussion of the drop in American life expectancy even had my 60 year old aunt laughing out loud, who is not in healthcare.  Listening to Zubin Damania is like having a conversation with a really funny and smart physician colleague over a few beers. He is very passionate about transforming health care.  I particularly enjoyed his recent holiday podcast with his parents, who are also physicians, about the impaired physician.  Note, this has an explicit rating for a reason so I don’t listen when kids are in the car.
  4. I have also been enjoying a few episodes on both Docs Outside the Box and The Hippocratic Hustle. These two podcasts focus more on physician entrepreneurship and side careers, and I have found a few episodes extremely valuable.  I enjoy all the Docs Outside the Box episodes on personal finance, taxes, and insurance.  I loved the Hippocratic Hustle interview with Dr. Amy Ho on medical writing, again no surprise as this is a more recent venture of mine. Both physician hosts have engaging interview style and I highly recommend.  Happy listening!molly hands chalk

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