2018: Be strong

I’ve never been big on resolutions in the past but this year, I not only have resolutions but I have a mantra.  BE STRONG.  Maybe my need for a mantra grew out of the last four months of my life where I’ve discovered yoga.  BE STRONG really captures the two areas in my life I would like to prioritize this year.  On a personal note, I would like to continue to hone my fitness skills.  I am a long time runner and started hot yoga this year which I absolutely love (especially on days like today where it is 1 degree out in Western New York).  In 2018, I would like to add swimming laps to my repertoire.  I briefly joined the crew team in college and as a result, I know for sure I would not drown if left to fend for myself in the water.  I passed the treading water for thirty minutes test.  However me swimming laps is not pretty. I often tell people I should take my swim certificate back to the town hall where my six year old self earned it as I absolutely cannot swim laps in a fluid movement.  I am currently debating between one on one adult swim lessons or just teaching myself the strokes and turns with YouTube videos.  I am leaning toward the latter but have the whole year to work on it.

Equally as important, I would also like to spend 2018 BEING STRONG in my profession. What does this mean specifically? I am an internist and pediatrician in private practice.  Last year, I became a partner.  I did not stress myself with learning the ins and outs of running a small business in 2017 but 2018 is my year to learn about the business of medicine. It’s fitting that I am starting off January reading a book about exactly that, called “The Business of Medicine” by Tom Harbin, MD, MBA. Dr. Harbin is an ophthalmologist in private practice who wrote this book with skills he obtained while studying for his MBA and after years of running a group practice.  I am currently reading about cost accounting and performance evaluation and at least it has inspired me to list out things I need to learn about: like accounts receivable, denials, and deductibles. Practice management is not well covered in medical school or residency training and this is a personal deficiency I intend to turn around in 2018.   I am part of the Physician Moms Group, a large physician network of over 70,000 physician women on Facebook and this topic frequently comes up so clearly physicians are eager for the information.  As I obtain more knowledge on practice management, expect more blog posts to follow so that I can share the knowledge gleaned with other doctors in practice.   I am involved with a local female physician and scientist mentoring group and am even toying with the idea of linking with a few self employed female physicians locally for some mentoring on this topic.  I was a busy bee on Amazon yesterday and have three more books on practice management set to arrive next week.  Any suggestions on resources or topics you would like me to cover is appreciated.  Now off to make dinner, prep some notes for tomorrow then hopefully back to Amazon to order my new gym bathing suit and goggles for my big pool debut.

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