Does Hate Mail Mean I’ve Arrived?

I hit a personal milestone in 2019.  I had my third opinion piece accepted for publication in The Buffalo News, our local newspaper that serves a metropolitan area of over a million people.  Anything I published in medical blogs previously had been viewed by a thousand people at most, usually closer to a few hundred….

26 Publications in 2017-2018: Why Wait to Follow Your Passion?

I have always loved reading.  My introduction to the field of medicine was a combination of Bring Your Daughter to Work Day with my amazing nurse practitioner mother and reading a series of books about sick children and realizing I wanted to learn enough to help people like the characters.  As a kid, once I…

Are flu shots your thing?

Are flu shots your thing?  My oldest brother asked me this about a month ago.  It didn’t come out of left field.  I’ve been on a little bit of a flu shot rant for the past year.  I wrote an opinion piece for our paper about the vital importance of vaccinating children for influenza.  The…

(Doctor) Moms: Piece Together Moments for Yourself

As I lay my head on my yoga mat after a series of difficult poses, I thought, “This is the most relaxing moment of my week.” My heart was beating rapidly, the sweat was pouring down into my eyes, but I felt wonderfully rested for those few breaths, with the cool floor under my face….